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Haiti [stations of the cross]

I have always been fascinated with church history because it is brimming with people asking questions and seeking new direction.  If we are paying attention we can be reminded that in this search we have never arrived.

As the Church attempts to maintain stability through its healthy and necessary uncertainty, certain valuable traditions and rituals remain.  For me, one of the most inspiring is the stations of the cross.  On its own each element holds little value, but together the via dolorosa provides a beautiful image of Christ who continually makes his way to the cross with us and for us.

This is the most amazing picture of this that I have ever seen…

In 2010, House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado put together this series of images connecting each station of the cross with a news photo from the earthquake in Haiti.  From the graphs indicating the magnitude of the quake to images of the dead being buried, we see a contemporary cross that is still being carried by the people of Haiti.  It is still heavy, and it is still real.

Art is often able to express what can’t be said, and I certainly can’t find the words to describe how beautiful yet truly real and painful these images are…  +1 for new and creative art in church.

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